Tax-Planning Strategies for Year-End Filing and COVID-19-Applicable Deductions

dBusiness Magazine has published one of many recent COVID-19 updates for the business publication's readership, including a recent roundup of resources available to entrepreneurs and small businesses during this crisis. The feature included mention of the following:

SCORE's tax-planning tips to help entrepreneurs capitalize on every deduction that is available during the crisis.

The basic business deductions the IRS offers are:

  • Startup costs
  • Business insurance
  • Business vehicles
  • Healthcare tax credits
  • Interest paid on loans
  • Business gifts
  • Business travel
  • Charitable contributions
  • The cost of last year’s tax preparation

A comprehensive list of tax credits available to small businesses is posted at SCORE Detroit suggests entrepreneurs consider the following for additional tax relief:

  • Disabled Access – for businesses that incur expenses related to hiring individuals with disabilities.
  • Empowerment Zone Employment – for businesses that hire and retain employees who live within a federally designated empowerment zone.
  • Work Opportunity – for those that hire individuals from certain targeted groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.
  • Investment Credit – for expenses related to rehabilitation, energy, and reforestation investment.

To see what other resources dBusiness brought to the attention of our local small business community, read the entire article.



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dBusiness Offers COVID-19 Update, Including SCORE's Tax Planning Tips