Lessons Learned at a Recent SCORE Workshop

Bob Radtke, a volunteer with SCORE of Southeast Michigan, recently attended one of our most popular workshops, Transform Dreams to Startup, facilitated by Certified Mentor Brandi Shelton, and had a few key takeways to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs. Some notes:

  • It is important to balance one’s life between the business and personal life. To be successful, one must departmentalize. There are always things to get in the way of not making the time to work on a dream/business. It requires discipline; one must set specific time each day to work on the business.
  • You can’t do it alone. You need a team to help, and everyone must know what their roles are and be held accountable.
  • Sunday is the day to plan and prepare for the next week of action and accomplishments.
  • Check your finances at the end of each month. What went well and what needs improvement? It’s an important part of the discipline that many don’t enjoy, but must do in order to make progress.
  • SCORE mentors do not manage a mentee's business, but can help get them “unstuck."

Have a Dream of Your Own?

If you have a dream you're hoping to convert into an actual business, we invite you to join our next Transform Dreams to Startup workshop, to be held in Detroit on August 10th at 10 a.m. Click here to register and for more information.

How to Transform Your Dream Into a Startup