Why We Volunteer to Mentor Business Owners

Dick Rappleye is a Certified Volunteer Mentor with the Southeast Michigan chapter of SCORE. A longtime consultant to both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises alike, Dick is an experienced and very active mentor with SCORE. Here are four questions and four answers (4x4) with one of our most dedicated mentors...

Why did you decide to serve as a volunteer mentor with SCORE?

I decided to serve as a volunteer mentor with SCORE so I could share what I’d learned from my career with others who were attempting to achieve their dreams. My hope was to provide the guidance, structure and support they would need in making sound decisions about reaching their goals.

What has been your greatest area of fulfillment you’ve received since starting your mentorship service with SCORE?

The greatest area of fulfillment I’ve received since starting mentoring with SCORE is in seeing individuals change and make positive movement in realizing their passion, even when it ended up far from where they began.

Entrepreneurs often refer to “a-ha moments” when being mentored by SCORE volunteers. What was a recent a-ha moment one of our clients had that you think will have an impact on the success of his or her future endeavors?

A recent “a-ha moment” that a client received was when they realized they were capable of being successful but accepted the fact that they needed more help from others, both inside and outside the organization. They established an Advisory Committee, delegated more, and discovered a great increase in their efficiency and confidence.

What’s been the biggest surprise?

The biggest surprise in participating as a SCORE Mentor has been the camaraderie and friendships that have developed with other SCORE Mentors.

About the Mentor:

Dick Rappleye began his career with Deloitte and worked in management positions with profit and non-profit organizations. He earned his MBA from Wharton (U of P), his BA from Miami U (Ohio), and his MRS from U of D-M. Dick has served on a number of boards and currently serves as Trustee of MSBF (Michigan State Bar Foundation). For the last 30 years, he has held VP positions with C.S. Mott and Kresge Foundations.

Mentor Q&A: 4x4 with Dick Rappleye