Why We Volunteer to Mentor Business Owners

George Abraham is a Certified Volunteer Mentor with the Southeast Michigan chapter of SCORE. His areas of expertise include human resources, technology, and the marriage of the two to optimize organizational talent acquisition. Here are four questions and four answers (4x4) that shed light on why George chooses to give back of his time, expertise and inspiration.

Why did you decide to serve as a volunteer mentor with SCORE?

I was in the corporate world for 15 years in various roles in management and consulting when, in 2017, the entrepreneurial bug bit me. There was a group of experienced business mentors from SCORE who coached me from startup to scaling my services. It was my time to give back to the aspiring and existing business owners to help in their journey by sharing my experiences, expertise and also connecting them with a network of experts at SCORE.

What has been your greatest area of fulfillment you’ve received since starting your mentorship service with SCORE?

I helped the leadership team at SCORE in my tenure to optimise processes and build capacity, especially in their client matching process and marketing efforts. We continue to expand our reach to cover more southeast Michigan neighborhood communities to help small businesses thrive and prosper.   

Entrepreneurs often refer to “a-ha moments” when being mentored by SCORE volunteers. What was a recent a-ha moment one of our clients had that you think will have an impact on the success of his or her future endeavors?

The clients are amazed at the breadth and depth of the experience SCORE has in their pool of mentors across the country to help in diverse industries. One of my clients who was a technology manager started his transportation business for cities was mentored wholistically, from business planning, finding space, funding and launching successfully—with regular checkins from SCORE mentors beyond just me to help facilitate that success.   

What’s been the biggest surprise?

There is always someone who has gone through a similar experience and who is ready to help you. Entrepreneurs should feel free to reach out for help without fear or guilt. Hard work and perseverance never fail a business!

About the Mentor:

George Abraham is founder and CEO of Talendrome, ia professional services firm that focuses on finding, assessing and hiring key talent for your organization. George builds relationships with clients to understand their current state of business and strategize how to build high performing, diverse teams. He has a love of networking and would be happy to connect. He runs a HR and Technology consulting firm serving clients across North America in the Technology, Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries. He is known as a strategic problem solver that crafts unique multi-party solutions in complex situations by building strong trust based relationships.

George has worked in multiple global organizations, such as Accenture, Sasken, Birlasoft, DSQ (aka Scandent) Software leading global teams and functions. He has been involved in creating HR and Operations strategy during the growth phase of these organizations by creating best-in-class processes, developing people and building systems. He has a strategic understanding of business to align people, strategy and systems for achieving business objectives.

Mentor Q&A: 4x4 with George Abraham