Certified Volunteer Mentor David Broner and Client Kevin Peterson of Sfumato Fragrances Retell Their Path to Mentoring Success in Honor of National Mentors Month

Kevin Peterson, who with his wife Jane founded two innovative companies, Sfumato Fragrances and Castalia Cocktails, were recently featured here in recognition of the entrepeneurs' "Jekyll and Hyde" brilliance in housing two unique businesses in one historic location in Midtown.

Now, Fox-2 News in Detroit is catching not only the chemistry made by the partners, but the chemistry ignited in their mentoring partnership with David Broner, a Certified Volunteer Mentor with the Southeast Michigan chapter of SCORE.


To read the article in its entirety, click here.

Please join us in congratulating Kevin and Jane; in thanking David Broner for his ongoing commitment, wisdom and volunteership; and in celebrating mentors and mentees everywhere who are being rightfully honored in January for National Mentors Month!

We are currently looking to add 30 new mentors this month. If you know of someone who might be willing to volunteer their time, experience, wisdom and guidance, please send them our way!


SCORE Mentor and Mentee Featured on Fox-2 News (Detroit)