David Broner, a volunteer mentor with the Southeast Michigan chapter of SCORE, was recently interviewed by Y2BC Live! podcast on the topic of entrepreneurship and growing one's corporate brain child.

An excerpt:

Pamela Owens: What resources do you offer people, especially people who are not as realistic as they should be, about what going into business is all about?

David Broner: Well, there's a reality out there, but we try to ... Because people need to dream, and I think, oftentimes, their dream can come true. But, if they don't have the capital to begin with, they may wanna wait. If they haven't really done the research, they may wanna wait.

So, the beauty of SCORE is that each one of our volunteers comes with a different set of talent, you could say. If it's somebody who needs help in marketing and I can't help them, I will bring another SCORE person in.

I didn't say anything about sales, but if you're not able to talk to people and build relationships, you're gonna struggle. If you think you can build a relationship just through email or just through social media, the best way is really eyeball-to-eyeball, where you can feel, and you can get all the vibrations from that client. The negative feedback is good too. You then know what to adjust, and some of the challenges, if you don't face them, you're gonna be kidding yourself in the long run. Making those sales efforts, whether you or somebody in your organization, needs to be doing that part of the work.

Pamela Owens: Right. Everybody needs, they have a problem or challenge that needs solving. That's what you do.

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SCORE Mentor David Broner Interviewed for Entrepreneur Podcast