How SCORE helped. 

Get Stuck? Call SCORE!

Kristin Pereira and her fiancé Alex are no strangers to the startup world. Having successfully launched a fitness studio in Wyandotte, MI — Get Fit — they are embarking on their next joint venture...with a little help from SCORE of Southeast Michigan.

Now the enterprising couple turns to healthy eating, with a venture called Fit Bites, LLC. Kristin and Alex are excited as they are getting ready to open their kitchen that supplies their catering clients and the store adjacent to their fitness studio. But as with any new venture, this excitement also brings obstacles and to-do lists.

One such to-do is obtaining city approval for their kitchen build-out. And if you've ever had to work with a local municipality for approval of any kind, the task can be daunting. For this, Fit Bites turned to SCORE of Southeast Michigan and volunteer mentors Nick Ritts and David Broner, who are coaching them through the tedious process of finalizing that city approval. 

When all goes well, Kristin and Alex will have two successful joint ventures to their name...and will be ready to move on to their third — marriage!

"No matter what an entrepreneur needs to get to the next stage, there's a good chance that there are SCORE mentors with the experience and knowledge who stand ready to help," says Broner.

About Fit Bites

Fit Bites specializes in anti-inflammatory, made fresh and ready to eat meals and bakery items that suit a variety of clean lifestyle needs (Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Diabetic, Sugar free/Fake Sugar free, Grain free, Dairy free, Gluten free, Soy free). The store is located at 2938 Biddle Avenue in Wyandotte, MI, but they are preparing to offer overnight shipping to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois...and ultimately, beyond! For more information, visit, or follow them on Facebook.

Kristin Pereira & Alex