What influenced you to seek help from SCORE? 

Denecho Turner was a woman with a good job, great skills...and a dream. That dream? To turn her job into a business...to covert a career into a calling. She would eventually find her way to the Southeast Michigan chapter of SCORE, and soon after, Ethel's Home Care Service would take flight.

How SCORE helped. 

Denecho originally considered starting a franchise home care service, but the price to entry was steep, and she looked for other options. With the mentorship of volunteer mentor George Stern, she was able to find the guidance and encouragement she needed to start her very own business. George mentored Denecho on a variety of start-up assistance, including the State of Michigan and EIN registration. Additional meetings between Denecho and George included work on a logo, business cards, website, brochure, and other marketing activities. George also helped with suggestions on organizations to help with insurance, accounting, payroll, staff, and her Service Dog.

Fast forward from her original outreach to SCORE in May 2016, and Denecho went on to support five staff members and has quit her job to devote her time to her business. 

More proof that, with a little mentorship and guidance...and a whole lot of perspiration and inspiration, dreams really can come true!

Fast Flashback: Turning a Career Into a Dream Come True