What's special about your business? 

Meet Hannah Awada, a local entrepreneur and inventor of Hummus Goodness — a Birmingham, Michigan-based startup that seems poised to achieve greatness.

Hannah's love for hummus began when she lived in Shanghai, where she opened the Hummus House, a small shop selling products based off of her family recipes. Less than a year later, Hannah moved back to Michigan and was hesitant to continue her business here, based mostly on the greater competition that exists here. But after friends and family tried her hummus (and fell in love with it), she was encouraged to restart the business. 

To overcome the competitive landscape at the retail level, Hannah decided to sell her products directly to consumers, typically in office locations. While her production capacity is currently limited (she is currently using a local church's kitchen to make her products), the demand is anything but. “I want to lick the bowl!” and “Can I swim in this?” are typical reactions from customers who taste Hummus Goodness for the first time. That encouragement has given Hannah the confidence that, even in a crowded marketplace, there is always room for another great product.

How SCORE helped. 

Hannah is working with Certified Mentor David Broner on package and label design, among other initiatives. Broner is convinced she will be successful: "I predict that nothing will stop Hannah from growing her business," he says.

Hummus Goodness is focused on providing gourmet-flavored, freshly made hummus using only the freshest ingredients and sustainable produce. From non-GMO chickpeas and tahini to locally sourced beets, bell peppers and basil, Hummus Goodness makes delicious and exotic hummus, without ever using citric acid, vegetable/soybean/sunflower oil, or preservatives like potassium sorbate. To learn more, and to find out where you can purchase the product, visit HummusGoodness.com.

Hannah Awada holding bowl of hummus

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